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Design Review Committee Enforcement Committee Lakes Committee
Social Committee Landscape Committee Budget Committee
Elections Committee Streets Committee

Design Review Committee
The Design Review Committee is responsible for maintaining the architectural integrity, aesthetic harmony, and property values of our Ormond Lakes neighborhoods. The Committee is comprised of 5 Ormond Lakes homeowners who meet at the Clubhouse on the first and third Tuesday of each month to review applications from homeowners for any exterior addition or modification to their home or property, in accordance with the Ormond Lakes’ Design Standards and Section 2.2. of the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions for Ormond Lakes Subdivisions. We urge all residents to read and become familiar with these documents, which are easily available for viewing and printing on this website.  The Design Review Committee meets the first and third Tuesday of each month.  Applications for a Design or Architectural review must be submitted by 4 PM of the Friday before a regularly scheduled meeting to be considered.
Chairperson: Tom Boyer
Members:  Lynne Gallagher, Dave Bly, and Penny Pajak  (as alternate)

Enforcement Committee
The Chairperson of the Enforcement Committee with the assistance of other Board Members, Management and Homeowners contact or send letters to homeowners where there is an infraction. Some examples are unkempt lawns and landscaping, homes that need to be cleaned or painted and illegally parked commercial or other vehicles and items not approved by the Architectural Review Committee. The goal is to keep the community looking as good as possible and to enforce the Covenants and Restrictions and Rules and Regulations to the best of our ability. The Committee includes a Hearing Committee that can enforce time limits and fines. The response from the homeowners has been very positive and in most cases the issues are resolved quickly without a need for a hearing.
Chairperson:  Deborah Allen
Members:  Lynne Gallagher, Rich Dedes, and Penny Pajak

Lakes Committee
The Lakes Committee is responsible for the maintenance of all lakes, mitigated and forested conservation areas. The maintenance performed is to keep invasive weeds from growing in the mitigated and forested conservation areas along with storm drain ditches. On the lakes, control of lily pads, algae and aquatic weed control.
Chairperson: Tom Gaynor
Members:  Spencer Punnett, Kate Lazurus, Dick Hildebrand, Susan Hurrel, Tom Boyer, Louise Gaynor, Lou Lumaghi

Social Committee
The Social Committee is a group of Ormond Lakes residents that organize social events, outings, groups, and parties . The Social Committee strives to establish and maintain friendly relationships with Ormond Lakes residents and neighbors. Please check the Upcoming Events on the homepage for more fun and exciting events within our community.
Chairperson: Tracey Benson
Members:  Sue Beauchene, Barb Chmiel, Vann Davis, Louise Gaynor, Patti Kiszik, Nancy Mangen, and  Carol Roman

Landscape Committee
The purpose of the Landscape Committee is provide recommendations to the Board of Directors as to the landscape design of common areas that is esthetically pleasing to homeowners, with the objective of minimizing maintenance and replacement cost , while working within budget guidelines. The Ormond Lakes HOA Landscape Committee is comprised of community volunteers dedicated to the pursuit of enhancing the beauty of the community, as well as, stimulating community pride, teamwork and promoting the betterment of the community and it's landscape. The Committee completes numerous seasonal projects which improve the appearance and ambiance of the community.
Chairperson: Karen Diedo
Members: Bill Hernandez, Maria Sei, Pamela Legutko, Kathy Lazarus, Tom Boyer, Jody Miles

Budget  Committee
The Ormond Lakes HOA Budget Committee is primarily responsible for advising and assisting the Board of Directors in planning and administering a program of financial management for the Association. In carrying out this responsibility, the Committee performs functions which include, but are not limited to the following: participate with the Board, the management agent, and other committees in the development of the annual budget and statement of income and expenditures, including replacement of reserve schedules; review and evaluate the Association’s financial statements; advise the Board regarding short-term and long-term investment of the Association funds, in a manner consistent with the governing documents; advise the Board in matters relating to delinquencies and the collection of assessments.
Chairperson: Robert Draughon
Members: Ron Kuszik, Sue Hildebrand, Susan Waters, and Sandy Pisors

Elections Committee
As required by Articles of the Bylaws and pursuant to Articles of the Incorporation, the Elections Committee is responsible for developing election procedures and administering such procedures as are approved by the Board providing for election of directors at annual meetings and, where appropriate, special meetings. It is responsible for soliciting and collecting nominations of candidates for Board of Director positions of the association.
Chairperson: Penny Pajak
Members:  Bridget Bergens, Bobby Draughon, Susan Waters, John Waters, Darlynn Tacinelli, Debbie Allen, Dale Johnson

Clubhouse Committee
The Clubhouse Committee shall prepare and promulgate policy 9.0 defining those Rules and Regulations required for the operation and usage of the Ormond Lakes Homeowners Association Community Clubhouse facilities, the Community Pool, and the Community Tennis courts.The Committee shall monitor the utilization of these common facilities to insure compliance with the Covenants and all applicable City, County, and State regulations for the well-being, health and safety of the Homeowners, and immediately report any non-compliance to the BOD and insure that corrective action is taken in a timely manner to correct any and all deficiencies. The Committee shall support the BOD by preparing and submitting line item budgets for the following calendar year covering the maintenance and operation of the Clubhouse common area facilities.
Chairperson: Michael Legutko
Members:  Pam Legutko, Leeann Buckley, Becca Dohrman, and Ron Kuszik

Streets  Committee

The duties of this committee shall include engagement with homeowners and other Committee Chairs in making recommendations to the Board for advancing the beauty and maintenance of the streets in our development as well as the safety of the members of our Ormond Lakes community.
Chairperson: Roger Grubic
Members:  Patricia Dunn,  Arthur Armstrong, Bruce Teeters, and Steve Olson